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Tunes & Tune Research

Also see the Practice & Learning, Publications categories

Slippery Hill

Thousands of tunes. Search for tunes by name, key, tuning, artist and collection.

Downloadable mp3 recordings

The Traditional Tune Archive
The Semantic Index of North American, British and Irish
traditional instrumental music with annotations, formerly known as The Fiddler's Companion. 55,000 tunes. Some tune histories, some notation, some recordings, 

Pegram Jam 

Years of recordings from the jam just west of Nashville. Free download of the Pegram Jam chord book, which is widely considered the bible of Old Time.

Listening and other download features are free; requires user name and password, available via email request link. 

Old Time Fiddle Tunes
Transcriptions and audio files of 892 (and counting!) fiddle tunes from recordings, festivals, jams and workshops - collected by John Lamancusa from Penn State University
recordings, MIDI, video, written notation

The National Fiddler Hall of Fame lessons with sheet music

29 slow tempo recordings for learning and practice


Hetzler's Fakebook

Good quality polyphonic (MPE) MIDI download of melodies, no written notation

Old Time, Celtic, English

North Atlantic Tune List

The site focuses on dance and fiddle tunes from several regions around the North Atlantic: Scandinavia, the British Isles, Québec, Maritime Canada including Cape Breton, Métis (Saskatchewan & Manitoba), New England, Appalachia, and more, but with obvious Irish influences).
ABC notation, MIDI, mp3 recordings, written notation. Searchable database


Old-time Festival Tunes... Fiddle Versions from Mel Bay publications

Very good selection of downloadable mp3 recordings

Berea College Hutchins Library Sound Archives

Transcriptions, audio. One of the best Appalachian archives available.


UNC-Chapel Hill Music Library

Library of Congress National Jukebox Traditional/Country

Original recordings. Also see UC Santa Barbara DAHR (below).

University of California at Santa Barbara Discography of American Historical Recordings (DAHR)

Searchable database of over 45,000 78 RPM recordings

Also check out the UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive database of over 22,000 cylinder recordings

The Lomax Digital Archive (fiddle)

The Lomax Digital Archive (banjo)

Audio and visual collections from Alan and John Lomax collected between 1946-1991.

Lots more on this site to appreciate.


Traditional Old-Time (Oldtimey) Music of America

300+ Tunes & Songs With Sheet Music Scores basic single note MIDI download of melody

Transcriptions categorized by fiddling style

Tater Joes Old Time Musical Mercantile

Transcriptions, some recordings

Digital Library of Appalachia

Audio, texts, movies

Lots of Bascom Lamar Lunsford Festival video

The Milliner - Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes

1404 tune transcriptions, arranged alphabetically

The Milliner - Koken Collection recordings

From the Slippery Hill website

Appalachian Fiddle Music 
Featuring 43 Fiddlers and 188 of Their Tunes
by Drew Beisswenger and Roy Andrade, with Scott Prouty

Audio files for this book (Slippery Hill)


NEW! 159 Original Georgia Fiddle Tunes

A Tribute To Georgia's 159 Counties

Audio files for this book (Slippery Hill)

Spotify page for this book

NEW! Keep It Old Time

Fiddle Music in Missouri from the 1960s Folk Music Revival to the Present

Audio files for this book (Slippery Hill)

NEW! The Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory:

245 Traditional Tunes

Audio files for this book (Slippery Hill)

NEW! Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes 

Audio files for this book (Slippery Hill)


Tennessee Archive of Moving Image & Sound

Vintage East Tennessee film, video & audio. Searchable database

NEW! Folk Music Index- An Index to Recorded
and Print Resources

NEW! Field Recorder's Collective

dedicated to the preservation and distribution of noncommercial recordings of traditional American music

NEW! Dan Levenson's Website

Of special interest is the About The Tunes! page which has supplementary history on the tunes that Dan plays.

NEW! Hill Country Tunes Sarah Armstrong Tunebook

.pdf file of Samuel Bayard's 1944 collection 

Radio and Podcast Listening


The Old Time Zone radio broadcast from Ellensburg (WA) Community Radio

Dale Brubaker plays an hour of Old Time every Wednesday at 7PM

Listen to archives anytime at

East Tennessee's Own WDVX FM in Knoxville

Sunday afternoon programming features classic recordings and Old Time music. Stream past shows on the WDVX archives page.

WNCW FM in Asheville

Mountain Mornings show with Corrie Askew Sunday-Friday 6-7 AM

Get Up In The Cool 

Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends


WMMT Mountain Community Radio

Whitesburg, KY 

Deep In Tradition with Rich Kirby

Practice & Learning

Also see the Tunes & Tune Research, Publications Categories


Violin Scales and Arpeggios, Grades 1-5

Written notation and fingering diagrams

Old Time Fiddling Tips by Bruce Molsky

Major Scales for Violin/Fiddle - C Major

7 First Position Scales for fiddle set to music


Fiddle Hangout

videos, classifieds, forums

Fiddle Hangout Top 100 Old-Time Songs

recordings by Fiddle Hangout members

7 Different Old Time Fiddle Tunings

video by George Jackson


The Brainjo Academy

Brainjo Breakthrough Banjo Course

Brainjo Fiddle For All with Adam Hurt

Banjo Hangout

videos, classifieds, forums

5 String Banjo Tunings

More (100+) than you ever imagined!

Dan Levenson's Website

Lots of books and CDs from the banjo master.


Jere Canote Guitar Tablature

386 pages of guitar chords for fiddle tunes taught in the Canote's Old Time String Band class since 1997

Bass runs for guitar (Old Time & Bluegrass)

Stash Wyslouch from Molsky's Mountain Drifters

Backup guitar for old time fiddle

Chords for folk songs


Old Time Mandolin


“Old Time" Music On Mandolin


9 easy ways to learn bass

Finding root notes, basic scales

Learn How To Play The Upright Bass: Lesson 1



Google free online metronome

Old Time Jam Machine

Backing tracks, chords and tab

Knox Area String Instrument Services

Repairs, setups, and especially custom made instruments are highly personal choices.

Ask around - get references.


Knoxville Fine Violins

Rental, sales, repair, instrument making

Find A Teacher index on website

Wilhite Strings

Rental, sales, repair, restoration

The String Workshop (Oak Ridge)

Full-service luthier

Authorized Martin, Gibson, Fender service center

Kelvin Scott Violins

Instrument maker


Parris Guitars

Setup and repair for all fretted instruments

Guitar Center (Knoxville)

Setup, repairs, rebuilds 

Knight Musical Instrument Repair

Guitar repair, setup

Johnny Rushing (New Market)


Custom guitar maker (No longer doing repairs)

Ronnie Bales banjos (Gatlinburg)


Custom banjo maker (seasonal resident)

Draper Stringed Instruments

Custom mandolins, guitars, bouzoukis

Repairs, maintenance, restoration

Dudenbostel Stringed Instruments (Maryville)

Custom mandolin, guitar maker

Sound Files

Sound files are provided for educational use only, and may not be reproduced in any form. 

Garden Drive Jam

Recorded 4/21/22 at historic Savage Gardens in Fountain City.

14 tracks 

Hummingbird Jam

Recorded on various dates in 2022 at the Hummingbird Cafe

72 tracks

Blackhorse Jam

3 years of tunes from the large Sunday jam at the Blackhorse Brewery. The acoustics could have been better, but there are hundreds of tunes, organized by date and key.

2018 Archives

2019 Archives

2020 Archives

Video promo for jam shot 1/16/20

Time Warp Jam

Hundreds of tunes from the weekly jam at the Time Warp Tearoom from 2013-2021 thanks to Stu Elston.

Garry Harrison and the Mule Team

Red Prairie Dawn album (2000)

More Garry Harrison Tunes

from the Slippery Hill website

NEW! Left Handed Fiddler

Charlie Acuff with John Hartford

1990 privately released cassette - 14 tunes

Fiddle Tunes Of Charlie Acuff

1996 book of 14 transcriptions of Charlie's tunes from the 1990 privately released cassette recording "Left Handed Fiddler" (with John Hartford). Made available with permission of author Diane O'Brien.


Knoxville Contra Dance

Monday nights 7:30-11 at The Laurel Theater, Live music and skilled callers. Tickets at the door.

Knoxville Contra Dance Facebook Page

Laurel Theater Square Dance

4th Thursdays at 7PM. Live Old Time music and skilled callers. Tickets at the door.

Laurel Theater Facebook Page 


List of 2022 Old Time album releases taken from The Old Time Zone radio show.


List of 2023 Old Time album releases taken from The Old Time Zone radio show. 

How The Hippies Ruin't Hillbilly Music

A Historical Memoir 1960-2000  (paperback)

by St. "Wish" Wishnevsky


Also see the Tunes & Tune Research, Practice & Learning Categories

The Old Time Herald Magazine

"dedicated to preserving, promoting, and educating the public about traditional music".

Fiddler Magazine   (online only as of the Spring 2024 issue)

"an informative, educational, and entertaining resource for fiddlers, accompanists, and appreciative listeners". 

The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes Volume 1

The Fiddler's Fakebook: The Ultimate Sourcebook For The Traditional Fiddler 

Fiddler's Fakebook Unchained

A collection of you tube videos based on the tunes in Fiddlers Fakebook


The Pegram Jam Fiddle Tune Chord Chart Book

free .pdf download

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