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Mike Bryant
and Paul Brown

Bryant and Brown (2018)


Bryant and Brown is an album of 15 Old Time tunes, released through the Tiki Parlour label in 2018. Mike told me that around that time, he and Paul were playing, teaching at workshops and festivals, and had even embarked on a tour in Australia (Mike remembers "lots of driving!"). They had been talking about making some recordings, and had even scheduled some studio time at one point, but seemed to never find the right time to actually sit down and do it. The right time came one day when Paul reminded Mike that "...we're not getting any younger..."

The recording was done at Joe "Joebass" DeJarnette's Studio 808A in Virginia. However, it was only after the recordings were made that the Tiki Parlour connection occurred. Mike met David Bragger at the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention, and Tiki Parlour offered to take on the production and release.  Mike also said he did some additional recording while at Tiki Parlour, but he's not sure where those files ended up. Hopefully, we'll be able to hear those one day!

The CD comes complete with extensive liner notes that describe the origin of the tunes, along with the tunings used for both the fiddle and banjo. 

The New Dixie Entertainers

Before the self-titled release, you may remember Mike with The New Dixie Entertainers, who put out a cassette called "Maybelle Rag" in 1994. That tape is now as rare as hen's teeth. Enjoy the videos made in 1991 at Mt. Airy, and in 2019 when the band reunited for the 50th Jubilee Festival at Knoxville's historic Laurel Theater. The New Dixie Entertainers won the Traditional Band contest at Clifftop three times. Mike is a multi-year Clifftop fiddle champion, including first place honors in 2007.

Old Aunt Jenny With Her Nightcap On

Mike Bryant and the New Dixie Entertainers Mt. Airy 1991

The New Dixie Entertainers At The Laurel Theater 50th Jubilee Festival

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