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David Bragger
Old Time Tiki Parlour

Big Fancy (2016)


David Bragger first came to my attention via his 2016 solo album "Big Fancy".  Not recalling exactly how I found the album, but I do remember that I bought it immediately - and it is still one of my favorite records.  There are 21 tracks described as "...golden old-time classics and rarities". The selection of tunes includes combinations of tunings and instrumentation ( including bagpipes, pump organ) that sound both old and new at the same time.  However you choose to describe it-it works!

David also released an album of fiddle duets in 2018 with Susan Platz called "King's Lament". Old Time Central has a great interview and video on the making of this album. Fiddle duets doesn't mean Texas twin fiddling or bluegrassy double stops in this case- think two Old Time fiddlers playing in harmony, locked in as one unit. Good stuff.

Below is "Davy Come Back And Act Like You Ought To" from the playing of West Virginia fiddler Delbert Hughes to get you started with the Big Fancy album. The title track from "King's Lament" is from the playing of Illinois fiddler Mel Durham. 

 Old Time Tiki Parlour

In 2014, David Bragger and partner Rick Hocutt  started the independent record label Tiki Parlour Recordings, and The Old Time Tiki Parlour which, in their words, "... has served as the concert, workshop, jam, film and instructional epicenter for traditional old-time music around Los Angeles and beyond." Teaching classes in the ethnomusicology department at UCLA in old-time string band music, and coordinating the Santa Barbara Old-Time Fiddler’s Convention & Festival are also on the list.

If you are looking for videos, instruction, or music to add to your own collection, Tiki Parlour has become a valuable resource for hard core traditional music. Their 2015 release of a CD/DVD set featuring Dan Gellert started them on their way. A sampling of artists  in the Tiki Parlour catalogue now include Bruce MolskyHog Eyed ManSquirrel ButterSpencer and RainsPaul Brown, and Kurt Sutphin


Tiki Parlour is west coast based, but, as we know, Old Time music has no boundaries. We have a local connection via another artist in their catalogue - our own Mike Bryant, who made an album of Old Time fiddle tunes with banjoist Paul Brown.

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